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Hydration + Plumping

This hydrating booster is an essential part of skin rejuvenation home skin care. The Hydra-Booster by SKIN PERFUSION [Fillmed] is a must-have 30-day booster if you are new to skin treatments. 

Contains Hyaluronic acid which will address fine lines and wrinkles. 

Each and every aging skin concern starts with hydration. Fine lines and wrinkles are symptoms of dehydrated skin. Open pores, blackheads, and oily skin are also signs of dehydration!

Do not start looking at lifting serums or wrinkles boosters if you have signs of dehydration as you are wasting your money. 

Hydra-booster contains 2.5% active cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which is essential for aging skin over 40 years old as by now we are naturally producing less hyaluronic acid in our skin cells, so we need more to encourage skin cell health. 

The quality of the hyaluronic acid is essential as the larger molecules struggle to penetrate the skin cells and attract the skin moisture. Fillmed has created its own hyaluronic acid to ensure they had clinical evidence and control over the quality. They use the same hyaluronic in the filler products. 

The clinic evidence has shown significant improvement in skin hydration and radiance in all their hyaluronic products. This booster has been created to ensure intensive hydration by combing with moisture-locking agents once activated by the pump and applied to the skin. 

Key ingredients: 2.5% hyaluronic acid + 0.5% cerminde NP 

Looking for something new or need some help.. 

Book virtual skin health check to claim FREE* skin renewal kit:-

  • Hyaluronic Youth Mask [Full Mask]
  • Hydra Serums [2ml]
  • 5-HP Youth cream [2ml]
  • Eye-Cream [1ml]

These will give you instant hydration and plumping. 

Let me be VERY clear by booking a skin health check and claiming your free* skin renewal kit your are under NO obligation to purchase any skin perfusion products or skin rejuvenation treatments.

 You can ask me anything about your skin and I will help you understand what you can achieve with your home skincare and educate you about positive pro-ageing options such as skin perfusion skin care and home skin rejuvenation treatments.

* Skin renewal kit is worth £12.00 which I will send you in the post after your skin health check [£4.95 p+p will be payable]

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