Glyco-Peel Mask-Skin Health Expert
Glyco-Peel Mask-Skin Health Expert
Glyco-Peel Mask-Skin Health Expert

Glyco-Peel Mask

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Brightens + Exfoliates

Glyco-peel mask resurfaces the skin

A must-have for your weekend skincare routine this glycolic peel mask is designed by SKIN PERFUSION [Fillmed] to combat dull complexions, fine lines, and blemishes.

This revolutionary resurfacing mask restores tone and radiance to reveal younger-looking skin.

It combines highly concentrated AHA combination Glycolic acid (15%) which delivers powerful exfoliation and Phytic acid 2% for a flawlessly even complexion.

The added gentle smoothing complex means even the most sensitive skins can enjoy the benefits of glycolic acid. 

Size: 50ml pot

Jen's Note: Use once a week to create a weekend intensive routine. You can apply this mask before skin meso treatment as acts as a pre-treatment peel. 

Key Ingredients

Most active ingredients: 15% Glycolic acid, 2% Phytic acid, Smoothing complex


Cleanse your skin and then apply 10p size mask over face and neck, allow to absorb into your skin for 20 mins, remove with cold cloths until clean skin, and then apply booster, serums, and creams or SPF. 

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