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Prepare + Cleanse

The most essential part of preparing your skin for targeted serums and boosters is the cleanse with SKIN PERFUSION [Fillmed] cleansing oil.

Oddly works very well with oily skin, as this is often an indication of dehydration. Using cleansing oil to remove dirt and prepare your skin for exfoliating helps to remove excess sebum on your skin without stripping and replaces with natural oils for your skin to help regulate the sebum the following day. 

How to use: 

It is essential to double cleanse by massage in a 10p size of this cleansing oil into your skin to remove grime + makeup with cotton pads or disposal intrinsic pads. 

The 2nd cleanse is the hydrating and extra moisturising part of preparing your skin. If your skin is clean leave product in your skin, or you can remove with the Micellar Water before applying the perfecting solution to drop the pH of your skin to 4.0 

Size: 200ml plump action 

Looking for something new or need some help.. 

Book virtual skin health check to claim FREE* skin renewal kit:-

  • Hyaluronic Youth Mask [Full Mask]
  • Hydra Serums [2ml]
  • 5-HP Youth cream [2ml]
  • Eye-Cream [1ml]

These will give you instant hydration and plumping. 

Let me be VERY clear by booking a skin health check and claiming your free* skin renewal kit your are under NO obligation to purchase any skin perfusion products or skin rejuvenation treatments.

 You can ask me anything about your skin and I will help you understand what you can achieve with your home skincare and educate you about positive pro-ageing options such as skin perfusion skin care and home skin rejuvenation treatments.

* Skin renewal kit is worth £12.00 which I will send you in the post after your skin health check [£4.95 p+p will be payable]

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