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C-Light Serum

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Radiance + Glow

The Lightening Serum from SKIN PERFUSION [Fillmed] is ideal for dull and tired skin looking for a natural radiance and glow.

This light serum is enriched with Vitamin C [Anti-Oxidant] to illuminates the complexion and revives the appearance of tired skin. HRH-14 Polyphenol is a highly active anti-oxidant derived from the resurrection plant [Haberiea Phodopensis] actives skin radiance.

Size: 30ml 

Key Ingredients

2% Vitamin C, 0.1% Vitamin H, HRH-14 Polyphenol


Post cleanse, put 2-3 pumps into palm of your hand and apply to skin, massage in the whole face and neck for radiance and glow.

Use in the evenings to avoid sun exposure. 

Can be mixed with Time serums or boosters for pro-aging skin rejuvenation as these also need to be applied in the evening due to the retinol content. 

Add a small amount of Youth Cream on top to complete your routine and preserve the nutrients in your skin. 

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