Mesotherapy Home Kit

Mesotherapy Home Kit

Mesotherapy Serum + Micro-Needling Stamp Home Kit

Mirco-needling is natural non-invasive collagen-stimulating skin treatment to improve skin tone and creates firmer skin after just one treatment.

This technique is commonly known as a medical aesthetic skin treatment because it's a micro-trauma caused by puncturing through the skin to stimulate fibroblast production. 

Fibroblasts are created by the immune system to repair inflammation in the skin cell layer caused by the puncturing micro-needles.  It's these fibroblasts, that after 2-4 weeks, create the collagen and elastin which firm and tone the skin as we age. 

These treatments have more recently become very popular at home rather than in medical aesthetics clinics, as various pen, derma-rollers and stamps are now available to cause micro-trauma to the skin. 

The concern from a skin health expert point of view, is the techniques, depth and quality of these micro-needles. The speed of the pens and amount of trauma created in the epidermis from the derma- rollers are causing future skin health concerns, such as scarring, blemishes and pigmentation. The skin cell membrane can lose its strength and integrity when overworked or incorrect serums are used.  

With this in mind and due to lockdown and Covid limitations I have created the Meso Skin Kit.  Which contains a recommended home starter kit and re-fills for micro-skin needling using Fillmed NCTF 135 HA Mesotherapy serums at home. 

An important part of the Meso [Skin Kit] is the online course and tutorial. Which is a step by step guide to how to enhance your treatments at home.  

The Meso [Skin Kit] Starter pack is a course of 4 treatments and follows the recommend skin rejuvenation plan. Each treatment will be supervised and supported by your Skin Health Expert - Jen Adams.

The results are outstanding. Skin Health Club members report they have moved from feeling overwhelmed and lost with their skincare routine to understanding which products are right for their skin.

The Meso [Skin Kit] stater pack enables members to enjoy regular medical-grade aesthetic skin rejuvenation treatments at the fraction of the cost (compared to in-clinic) safely in the comfort of their own home at a time right for them.

Meso [Skin Kit] is £375 with the option to pay £95 per month for 3 months..