5 Best Pro-Ageing Skin Treatements

5 Best Pro-Ageing Skin Treatements

The Best Pro-Ageing Skin Treatments In One

Skin rejuvenation to target wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, and neck lift, are these skin treatments are right for you ..

Are you unsure which pro aging skin treatment is right for you? Why are you trying to choose just one? Why not have them all in one treatment. Let me share with you my pro-aging combined skin treatment for men and women who want to look younger naturally after the age of 50.

Combination Skin Treatments

Combination treatment is two or dual premium treatments of  Micro Skin Needling and HIFU  [high intensity focused ultrasound] in one session.

To combine these treatments within a skin rejuvenation facial they need to be layered, with the deepest collagen induction first and then each one addresses the various skin concerns within the depth of your skin.

The 5 in 1 Pro-Ageing Skin Treatment

In the video, I demonstrate the full treatments from the HIFU Plump+ treatments as the deepest to preparing the skin with the pre-peel and light peels , to applying the mesotherapy serum NCTF135HA for the Micro-Needling and the targeted Mesotherapy papule with the nano soft needle, and to complete the treatment with the led canopy or the red light therapy to stimulate the cell rejuvenation and generation of collagen using iProCelluma

Interested?  Watch me complete this treatment on Steve.. CLICK HERE

Why Layer Skin Treatments?

By layering the skin treatments I can enhance the overall skin rejuvenation experience effectively and efficiently. Saving time and energy on regular trips to the Clinic. To complete these treatments individually would take from 15 to 30 mins each. By layering the skin treatments and combining them in just one session takes only approx 75-90 mins and enhances the overall skin health for optimal results.

What is Skin Health? 

Who am I? I'm Jen Adams. I'm a skin facialist and a nutritional therapist. So I call myself a skin health expert. My skin treatments and nutrition advice is based on an overall functional health approach to pro-aging and healthy from the inside out cells.

If you want to keep your skin looking younger then you need to focus on the overall health of your skin cells, rather than relying on a pot of cream and just drinking water.

To keep your skin cells healthy and active you need to keep stimulating them, give them the precise direction of what you want to do. Present them with ingredients that it recognizes to absorb what to do with the absorb nutrients and how to protect themselves and then went to die. This is what the skin rejuvenation treatment does - every time.

Pro-Ageing Skin Treatment - What to expect

The HIFU and Micro-needlings do NOT hurt. There's no downtime. And this treatment is ideal for both men and women.

This client is Steve, he is 55 years old, loves the sun a bit more than SPF. He has a simple 3-Step Skin Care Routine, and a pretty good diet.

Areas of concerns:

Wrinkles, crow's feet, under the eye area, neck creases, loss of volume, and under the chin. 

Treatment 1: Apply ultrasound gel underneath the eye area. This will be for the skin tightening and also increasing the volume.

I always start with the HIFU plump+ because it's deeper. It's much deeper than any of the treatments. Using the 2mm macro energy cartridge for approx  200 shots around the eye area, go one after the other in lines.

Working away from the eye and scooping under the cheek bone to help improve the volume. The reason I use this 2mm macro energy-based HIFU is that the response is instant tightening around the eyes and on thin skin. It feels sparky but does NOT hurt. I can use the same depth of energy on the laxity around the neck area too. As Steve often complains to me about under his chin, the skin is quite thin and is losing its laxity.

He's getting this sort of waddle under his chin. So here I will go deeper with the HIFU to 3mm. This is deeper than the 2mm obviously. So we're going to go deep under the chin working down in a row and keeping on top of the ultrasound gel to protect the skin, not going over the thyroid with the 3mm.

Now, when I say this is a layered treatment, that's what I mean by going deeper first and working my way up. So you'll see in a moment I will do another layer over the top, with the 2mm as well for the instant tightening. But this is what I would call on loose skin. If you had a little bit of fat under the chin, I would go even deeper and actually go down to 4mm to break down the fat, 3mm ontop to stimulate the dermis for collagen induction and 2mm for instant tightening.

To provide an element of structure to the neck, so it doesn't just hang, I will also treat the jawline to support the underchin skin. So hence I'm put a little bit of energy up to the cheekbone.

You have to be careful not to go too deep to high as I do NOT want to break his fat pads down any further, but I do want to provide a deeper level of firming underneath those cheeks, a to support the eyes, but also to help lift that chin area. So this doesn't hurt, but you do feel it, you can feel the skin contracting when the energy hits it.

Treatment  2: Prepare the skin using a pre-peel solution to clean off any debris and drop the pH of the skin just down to 4 for liquid-based exfoliation. Using a PHA solution.

I like to use peel brushes. It puts a nice thin layer on top of the skin and evenly spreads it out, especially with the chaps, makes sure you always go deep into the hairline. And then I like to remove as much excess as possible with the cloth because we want perfectly dry skin. When we're applying a more active peel.

Due to Steve's pigmentation, sun damage and some dark spots. I'm focusing on brightening those for him. You will notice later I do a slightly different peel for his neck becuase I often find with men is they get a bit of a rash on the neck, just where the collar sits, so to drop the pH of your neck down as much as the face, it can causes irritation - I also like to do the backs of the hands as well.

Treatment 3: Apply NCTF135HA serum and then start micro-needling. Starting the jawline at a depth of 0.75mm-1mm for firming and collagen induction. The application of the micro-needling is in a cross-hatch straight-line technique.

NO  swirling, NO blood, NO pain killer cream (dont need it) but I am being thorough and working on a cross-hatch situation at that depth on the jawline, pushing that product into the skin and placing it just at that perfect depth. Reduce the needle depth over the nose  - this often makes people sneeze and gently working around the eye area.

Now I often reduced the needle down again a little bit further when it comes to the forehead and within the eye area down to about 0.25.  With men, I go into the hairline, and with ladies to be fair if they've got thinning hair with thyroid issues, you can work right through the hairline. I have a particular client and I literally do his whole head to help stimulate his hair growth.

Treatment 4: Mesotherapy using nano-soft papule technique to flood the wrinkle. Placed at 0.3 to 0.6 depth in the wrinkle area to create these little papules around the eye.

I target the eye area within the pro-ageing skin treatment. I can flood the small areas that are important to the client. So literally just a couple of papules in those wrinkles that they hate the most.

I've can do full treatment with two lines of this all the way underneath the eye area with these papules. They just dissolve into the skin and place the product at the perfect layer within the skin to create the fibroblast, which will create and give the skin the ingredients it wants when making new skin cells.

This gives the nutrients to recreate skin cells, the wrinkle will NOT disappear, but the depth and the severity of them will be dramatically improved.

Treatment 5: Application of the bio-cellulose hyaluronic sheet mask to hydrate the skin while relaxing under the LED Light therapy canopy. The light therapy will penetrate through the make to and into the skin cell as the perfect red light anti-aging wavelength. Ideal treatment time from between 10 to 30 minutes.

Once finished under the canopy, remove any excess mask product and apply B3 Recovery Cream on it's just niacinamide and repairing light cream. And then I put the SPF keep it really simple. Don't over-fuss the skin.

Pro-Ageing Skin Protocols 

The Pro-Ageing Skin treatment takes between 75 and 90 minutes to complete, and I will repeat this treatment again in two weeks and then the third treatment two weeks later. And then the final fourth treatment will be a further four weeks later. So in total four treatments over eight weeks as an overall skin protocol. You can just have individual treatments if you wish

Now, some clients like to keep moving forward with their skin treatments so they continue with this type of layered treatment every six to eight weeks, or if you're busy and you just want to maintain your skin tone and the quality of the  skin, then you can repeat this treatment, say every 12 or 18 months as that's how long the effect of the overall skin protocol will last.

To help you to decide if this type of treatment is right for you, I've created a skin health quiz, and it will give you a score out of 10 on the quality of your skin health,.

Or if you have DONE the quiz and want to BOOK in for this treatment - BOOK HERE

If you have any questions you can email me at info@jenadamsuk.com