Skin Needling Benefits

Strength of your skin cells becomes enhanced instantly, the results are visibly hydrated, clear, smooth, and toned skin. The combination of mesotherapy serum and micro-needling stamp is a natural non-invasive collagen-stimulating skin treatment that will improve skin tone and creates firmer skin after just one treatment. Read more.. 

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Skin Treatments with NCTF135 HA Serum

The mesotherapy serum floods the skin cells and rests between the cells to encourage the absorption of the nutrients, peptides, and growth factors. The strength of your skin cells becomes enhanced instantly, this results in visibly hydrated, clear, smooth, and toned skin.

Not all serums are the same nor are they as active when placed into the epidermis like NCTF135HA serum. Your active topical serum should not be used with you micro-needling.. 

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Invest in your future skin health

Your skin cream packaging will promise to solve all your skin health issues, but trust me, it's NOT true. Let me help you learn more about how your skin cells communicate and regenerate. You can then decide for yourself what you need to improve your skin health and have the confidence to choose the right skin care products for your skin health  - not skin type.

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Learn how to maintain skin health

STOP wasting money on skin care creams that wont work! The reality is your cream does NOT have the biochemical capacity to moisturise, lift, improve tone or remove wrinkles. But it can maintain what you have and protect it from external environmental factors.

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How To Prepare Skin At Home | STOP using face wash!

You are causing more damage – it is ageing your skin. 

Think of the preparation phase as the foundation of addressing all your skin concerns. When done incorrectly face scrubs and harsh exfoliating can be the root cause of most common symptoms, such as dry or dehydrated skin, oily, open pores, blackheads, hormonal outbreaks, fine lines wrinkles and lack of tone.

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