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What is Skin Health?


Developed by a French laboratory leading in cosmetic medicine and skin health SKIN PERFUSION [Fillmed] is an innovative cosmeceutical skin care product range specially designed to maintain and enhance results from skin rejuvenation treatments. 

Home skin care and treatments allow the 360° Skin Rejuvenation approach to pro-ageing skin care. It's essential to learn more about each phase of your skin care routine, and how to address everyday skin issues by improving your skin health. 

Step 1 - Prepare your skin is about balancing the pH level on your skin and nurturing your skin cells to ensure they are communicating with each other and not having to deal with any inflammation or toxic issues each day.

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Step 2 - Target skin concerns by using customised protocols to address hydration, wrinkles and firmness with targeted boosters containing hyaluronic acid, retinol, or peptides and support ongoing skin issues such as pigmentation, blemishes and hormonal imbalanced with serums 

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Step 3 - Preserve + Protect your skin with powerful active ingredient creams, masks and SPF 50+ to complete your professional grade home skin care routine to treat the ageing signs

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Hydra-Booster Time-Booster Lift-Booster Balance-Booster Bright-Booster

Target Your Concerns

Boosters + Serums

Formulated with high-grade ingredients in optimal concentrations, SKIN PERFUSION products are based on the ‘Mix ‘n’ Boost’ principle to achieve the visible results in skin appearance within 30 days. Combining active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Retinol, Vitamin C, Peptides, B Vitamins, Collagen, AHA, BHA and PHA results in firmer, brighter younger looking skin - naturally..

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